Best streaming services for you

Best streaming services for you

Watching your favorite channel or show TV via cable or satellite is long gone. The trend is fast broadband connections providing cable streaming options right to your multimedia device, thus helping you watch high quality channels at some very affordable prices.

Here is a list of streaming service providers that offers interesting plans at cheap rates:


Netflix is an excellent selection for people who want to enjoy unlimited TV, shows, movies and comedy serials for one month subscription. It gets optimized accordingly to the device you use. It has three plans, the basic plan that lets you stream shows from Netflix on one device at a time and download titles. The standard plan supplies the same offer at the basic rate but can be watched on two devices and the premium plan offers ultra defined version that can be streamed on four devices. They let you create up to five profiles in a single account to make sure that your favorite channels does not mess up with your family and friend’s choice. The price ranges from $5-$8 a month based on how many screens you use to watch.

Amazon Prime Instant Video
It has a wide content selection including with prime benefits. Although it does not offer options for monthly subscription, yearly subscription is never bad with Amazon as you will get a free two-day shipping on your purchase, free kindle book each month, unlimited access to both Amazon music and Amazon prime instant video all for just $99. It has a better selection on children’s programming, movies, comedy that even its competitors would lack. Unlike Hulu, Amazon is one step back when it comes to a selection of brand new videos. Amazon prime lets you access a sweeping collection of HBO’s back catalog classics. Accompanied by à la carte services, they also enable customers to access current movies.

Hulu lets you watch all your favorite channels in HD under monthly subscriptions. Earlier Hulu allowed free streaming but that has been restricted and a lot of changes have brought in this year. They are launching live TV services that isn’t introduced by any providers till this time and also lets you download videos. Compared to other services, Hulu is pretty inexpensive and if you want to keep track on latest TV shows, Hulu will be the best to opt for. It lets you access shows in demand and previously telecast TV programs.

Furthermore, it has a selection of movies, classic anime series, hosts a number of original shows, with the only drawback being the annoying frequently commercials.