Popular dogs and puppies adoption homes in the USA

Popular dogs and puppies adoption homes in the USA

Dogs make the best companions and there are reasons as to why they are considered as man’s best friend. While dogs love us unconditionally, there are humans who don’t understand that. They buy dogs and then abandon them in the middle of nowhere and they have no choice but to fend for themselves.

Keeping a dog is a responsibility and once you have decided to get a dog, by no means should you ever think of letting it go. Most dog breeds can’t survive on their own and end up in rescue homes. Most of these rescue homes come with a limit and once they are overcrowded with dogs, they euthanize the old ones to make space for the younger ones. However, there are no-kill animal shelters too.

If you’re planning to get a dog, it’s always a better idea to adopt puppies or a mature dog from one of these rescue homes. By doing that you’ll be giving a dog a life it deserves and getting a companion too. Here are some of the shelters where you can adopt a puppy from:

Austin Pets Alive
Located in Texas, this is one of the rare no-kill shelters in the USA. They are always on the lookout for foster homes, so you can foster as well. You don’t find only dogs here, you can find kittens and cats too. They keep and treat unhealthy animals too. If you cannot adopt puppies, you can at least consider volunteering for them.

Almost Home Foundation
Founded in the year 2005, this isn’t a shelter but an animal rescue center. An animal rescue center is one that primarily focuses on getting animals adopted rather than keeping them for a long time. Almost Home has collaborated with different foster homes to take care of the dogs and cats that they rescue. They take part in local adoption shows as well.

Second Chance
This center runs with a vision that every cat and dog in Northern Arizona get a home. They offer rescue and treatment to animals in need. They run their own shelter and have saved the lives of many dogs and cats. If you live in Northern Arizona, you can consider adopting puppies from here.

Best Friends
Located in Utah, this place is the home to numerous abandoned dogs and cats. They rescue pets that have been abandoned and try and give them a new home. They have spay-neuter clinics, so if you already have a pet you can get it here. You can foster, donate, adopt, or volunteer in this animal rescue center.

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