Popularity of Screwfix through the years

Popularity of Screwfix through the years

It was in the year 1979 that the British tools giant Screwfix took its first baby steps in the still uncharted territory of the affordable home building market. Taking lead from the companies in the far West, Screwfix paved the way for mail-order of tools in the British market. In a generation-long tools market that predominantly believed in a classical economy, this company set itself as an example that encouraged the market and other peer companies to take risks and to set sail on unknown waters.

Introduction to Screwfix
As the name suggests, the once known as Woodscrew Supply Company launched its first one page catalog, showcasing the different varieties of screws they have for their retail shelves. Bringing in the trend of showcasing products in a catalog was deemed as a revolutionary move to reduce cost incurred for advertisement and at the same time increase the footprint and consumers reaches through the catalog.

Today Screwfix, headquartered at Yeovil, Somerset, has increased its consumer base to Northern Ireland and Germany. In home base, the company hosts an array of more than 500 retail outlets where customers can treat their eyes to premium tools retail therapy.

The Screwfix USP
The uniqueness of the conglomerate lies in its capability to adapt to trends and market swells and depressions. Since the inception of the World Wide Web, Screwfix was the first to embrace it by creating a website to display all their famed catalog. In a similar perspective, when the idea of DIY tools entered the western market, Screwfix was the first company to introduce the concept to the English market, hence making it easier for a common British citizen to comprehend how to take care of simple repairs and remodeling work for their homes and gardens.

Capturing the demographics of the company from their best representation, their website gives a bystander a clear picture of what Screwfix portrays as a prime tools retailer. As per the numbers displayed by Screwfix, it has an array of more than 15,000 products, ranging from tools which is used for activities like plumbing tasks, electrical remodeling, kitchen upkeep, and bathroom renovation and repair. From the generation when the one stop place where everything and anything would be available, Screwfix was a general shop.

When one would buy a pair of tools, and if something wrong happens with the functioning of the tools, it always was considered a tedious task to get the tools to the manufacturers for fixing or replacement. Screwfix attaches its good products with an equally good service portfolio. It gives a long-term guarantee to its customers when and if customers have any issues with their purchases.